Counseling Center


The leadership of House of Restoration Church is committed to the development of the church administration, technical advancement, human skills, organization, and various ministries. The NEHEMIAH PROJECT is a multifaceted program specifically established to enable said development.

The overall objectives are to restore the image of God through community evangelism, to cause families to understand love through fellowship as well as support services, to promote excellence in the body of Christ through modeling a lifestyle that represents the work of the Holy Spirit, and to promote higher education and self-worth.


The Nehemiah Project Team is comprised of seasoned wall builders whose objectives are to rebuild the body of Christ by Revitalizing the Inner man to Serve with Excellence (R.I.S.E.).
This is the chapter of the Nehemiah Project Team as it moves forward under the direction of Bishop Jeremiah Torres and the prayerful guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.